A downloadable game for Windows

A monochrome adventure game of mathematical proportions. Play as X, a math variable, and go on a quest to rescue your friends, Y and Z, from the Mathematician.

Created for #AdvJam2016 | Cast your vote here!

Inspired by Undertale and The Legend of Zelda

To succesfully play this game, one should have some basic algebraic math knowledge

Credit to chris for Bad Mofo font, and Fonts for Flash for FFF Forward font


Equation Quest.zip 79 MB


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I love these kinds of games but the walking around was too much and the math too repetitive (bug?)


Thanks for doing a play through of my game! The game has quite a few bugs or issues, and I'll agree the Math is a little repetitive. I'm a bit of a beginner to making games with this engine I used, and I only had 2 weeks to make it for a contest. As a result, it's got some bugs. But, once the contest is over, I plan on trying to fix some of those things and making it better!